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Satin Bonnets Double Sided

Created By George

Regular price $10.00

14 Satin color options available. The inside and outside will be different colors. Pink on outside with green on the inside. All of our bonnets are handmade with 100% satin and are ADJUSTABLE to fit all head sizes.

**As with anything made for babies and young children, be sure not to leave your child unattended. When ordering our bonnet make sure they are adjusted to fit snug on your child’s head. By buying the bonnet you(the buyer) assume all risks.

**Care Instructions: Flip Inside out, machine wash cold delicate cycle. Let air dry. If you are using oil or oily products with the satin bonnet, it is recommended that you wash the bonnet prior to wearing. This will eliminate the transfer of dye onto light colored pillows and other surfaces.

** Custom orders are welcomed! If you have a bonnet idea that you would like to see come to life, message me and we can work up something together.

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