Dread Lock Girl with Glasses

Created By George

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Dreadlock Lady Earrings

2.5" in length
2" wide

Earrings can be personalized with name at the bottom of the lady. Add name to personalization box.

Care Instructions of your Acrylic earrings.
We recommend removing your jewelry when doing any of the following:

* Showering or bathing
* Exercising (the salt in your sweat affects the plating)
* Applying perfumes, lotions, oils etc.
* Swimming (chlorine can often have a negative effect on plating over time)
* Cleaning - especially with harsh chemicals
Acrylic is easily scratched, be careful. If the brooch is dirty, clean it with a microfiber cloth. In the process of cleaning do not use ammonia, solvents, alcohol, abrasives and turpentine.