Detailed 2 Social Media & Scan to Pay Signs

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Detailed 2 Social Media & Scan to Pay Signs

You can include up to 3 QR codes of your choice to scan and direct customers to your accounts, such as IG, FB, Websites and Payment Options.

You can also and a beacons page or link tree page that we can link to a NFC tag to direct potential customers to your other accounts. You will have to create your own beacon, popl  or link tree accounts if you don't already have one. These accounts are currently free.

We can add your logo or any pictures related your business on the sign. 

From the drop down menu, please choose your main background color and mirror frame colors.

Please leave a note with your social media handles and payment names. You can Drag and Drop your QR codes and Images to our website or you can Email us a screenshot of your QR codes and images; logo and art work that compliments your business to: along with your order number.