Basic Scan to Pay & Social Media Signs

These signs can be adapted to use for websites, social media pages, payments such as PayPal, Venmo, Cash App etc.

The signs are made from 3mm clear acrylic and available in a range of different colors.  The background that we create is hand painted and has 3 mirror acrylic colors to fit with any theme. The signs include a matching base to hold securely.

The basic signs start at $40. Depending on how many icons and QR code’s needed.

$40.    3 different social media icons (no link to scan) handle written in vinyl and 1 payment QR code with link.

$45     2 QR codes for your payment options and 2 social media icons  (no link to scan). Handle written in vinyl.

$55      2 payment QR codes and 2 social media QR codes.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Website, Phone, Twitch, Discord, Wifi, Snapchat, Venmo, TikTok, Youtube, WhatsApp, Paypal, Cash App, LinkedIn, Google +, Email, Zelle etc