Orange Spirit Eyeblack Temporary Tattoos

Created By George

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Bring your meanest look as you cheer on your team! These Spirit Eyeblack Tattoos are the perfect team spirit accessories for every fan in the stands.

Easy to apply and remove. Safe and non-toxic.

Tattoo Paper.

Size: 1 1/2" x 3/4"


- Ensure skin and hands are dry and clean.
- Trim tattoo as close to the design as possible.
- Remove clear plastic cover carefully and place tattoo face down onto skin.
- Wet tattoo thoroughly with damp cloth and press firmly against skin, hold for 30 seconds.
- Peel off backing paper slowly from skin, tattoo should now be adhered.
- Pat dry (don’t rub) and show off your Tattitude.
- Avoid oil-based products, including lotions and sunscreen.
- Use makeup to cover up any clear adhesive material from edges of tattoo.